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The new 2013 RLX features some NSX supercar technology


A lot of people knew that Acura was releasing their RLX concept at the New York Auto Show in April, but they didn’t know what was under the hood. The 2013 RLX will come equipped with Acuras Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel Drive system, the same technology used in the Acura NSX supercar concept.

The newly designed system uses three front mounted electric motors powered by a central lithium-ion battery. There are two motors controlling one axle and a third incorporated with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and gasoline V-6 that powers the alternating axle. This allows the car to be driven in either fully electric mode, fully gas mode, or a hybrid combination mode. The torque is also set up in a bilateral control system where either negative or positive torque is instantly applied to the rear wheels while cornering. The electric motor system in combination with the V-6 direct injected 3.5-liter engine produces a nice 370 horsepower. Acura is predicting a decent fuel economy of about 30 city and 30 highway mpg.

Acura is also planning to release a fully gas fueled version of the RLX, that has a regular front-wheel drive system. This model will have a feature called Precision All Wheel Steer, which utilizes electrically controlled actuators to steer the right and left wheels separately. Double wishbone front suspension, multi-link rear suspension, active dampers, and electronic power steering will also be added only to the fully gas version.

The interior and exterior of the car look pretty similar to any other Acura sedan. It is designed after the ‘Keen Edge’ design, like previous Acura sedans, that focuses on an overall aerodynamic shape. The RLX is about the same length as the RL, but is about two inches wider. The tires are 255/35 R20 high-performance tires, and the front of the car features a set of LED headlights. The interior has standard Acura features such as:  telematics and infotainment systems on dual LCD screens, a 14- speaker stereo system, and a voice controlled navigation system.

The RLX is still in its concept car phase and won’t be released until early next year, but head to your Arizona Acura dealer for details and updates on any new Acuras in Arizona.

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