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The 2019 Acura RDX Is Already Winning Hearts Over


When the Acura RDX entered the market 12 years ago as a small luxury SUV, critics were very skeptical that it would create any interest. Nobody believed that there would be any demand for this type of vehicle. The RDX proved them wrong and was one of the highest in-demand cars for several years.

Over time, the RDX got a little boring. Honda kept repeating the same features each year and there were little noticeable changes to amenities. Sales continued, but they were not as strong as when the vehicle first appeared.

All of that is about to change.

The 2019 Acura RDX is something worth stopping to see. The new vehicle has improved its appearance, becoming a little more sporty looking and a little less family car-ish. Added LED lighting for the rear lights is also impressive. The overall body length has increased by almost three inches.

Even though the body length only increased by three inches, about the length of your pointer finger, the new interior design is magnificent and has significantly more room. There is noticeably more room in both rows of passenger seating, and the addition of floor board storage is a true benefit.

The dashboard has been updated and improved and a 10 inch screen has been added to manage many different functions in the car. For those who still like the steering wheel controls or hand knobs, you will find that the RDX still offers these features. All RDX vehicles will come with the standard panoramic sun roof.

The seats and many of the other features in the interior of the Acura is similar to what you would find in luxury German made vehicles. The new RDX is far superior than previous models of the vehicle because it poised itself to compete with luxury makers this time instead of just trying to be one. Whether you want a new RDX or another Acura, you should head on down to Chapman Acura to check one out.

The engine is very good for a four-cylinder. It operates smoother and much quieter than comparable engines in the Mercedes SUV as well as the Lexus and Lincoln models that are similar shape and size. Many people who have reviewed the new RX have stated that the superior engine is one of the best features of the model.
While there are still a few things that critics have said can be improved on the RDX, it is an overall superior quality product. Critics are always going to find something that they do not like, that is why they are critics.

The RDX is available in a few different packages this year, with the topped out package bringing the price of the vehicle to right about $50,000. This is not too bad when you consider that some of its active competitors can hit the $90,000 range quickly with the exact same amenities packages.

If you loved the RDX in the past, you will love it even more now. It is sportier, roomier and definitely has the get up and go that you do not expect from an SUV. It is a nice vehicle that will compliment any type of lifestyle.

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