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Acura’s Touchpad Will Cut Confusion And Distraction


Acura is taking another leap forward in automotive innovation with its True Touchpad technology. The new system is designed to eliminate distractions and help drivers keep their eyes on the road while giving them easier access the their in-car infotainment system. To see it in action or check out any Acura, head on down to Chapman Acura.

Today’s best automobile infotainment systems use menus, icons and other options that enable drivers to perform a wide range of tasks. These systems employ touch screens, controller knobs, voice commands, as well as gesture controls for drivers to navigate the software. But now Acura says it has developed a user interface called True Touchpad that’s better and more intuitive. They’ve incorporated it into the 2019 RDX Prototype, a vehicle industry insiders say will be Acura’s next SUV.

The Android-based system has two main components. A 10.2 inch high-resolution, color screen positioned in the line of sight of the driver at the top of the dashboard. A touch pad like those on laptops is the second component. It’s on the center console located between a large storage bin and the buttons replacing the gear selector. According to Acura, this technology, which is very easy to use with a little practice, has never before been used in a car.

It features 1:1 mapping and absolute positioning technology that allows the driver and front passenger to navigate the infotainment system. Each of the touch pad’s parts corresponds to that same area of the screen and has fingertip activation. The small touch pad requires a little getting used to and the icons can be rearranged and the most frequently used ones added to a favorites list for easy access. The setup enables drivers to keep their eyes up while using it.

The screen has two zones. One can use a small tile on the screen’s right side to display the map, while on the left side a larger tile shows the icon menu. The map can be displayed on the larger tile instantly by touching a button near the touch pad. Although it’s being called a prototype, the system is ready and is set to make its debut in Acura’s all-new 2019 RDX. It’ll be in other Acura models soon afterwards.

The next-generation RDX will feature a more assertive grille, sharper headlights and side panels with embedded discreet creases that reduce visual mass. The roofline is longer and flows into a hatch that’s more upright. The back lights are higher than before. The new RDX is longer and wider and all the changes give it an elegant, upmarket look. A 2.0-liter, four-cylinder turbocharged engine replaces the current V-6 and increases torque by 40% to about 350 pound-feet. It’s paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission which helps to improve fuel economy.

The production version of the new RDX is expected to debut at the New York Auto Show in March and hit showrooms by late summer. It could have the prototype’s 21-inch wheels, exhaust tips, paint color and futuristic-looking mirrors. Get ready for Acura’s newest version of their smallest SUV, the 2019 RDX.

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