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Acura To Reveal New RDX SUV At Detroit Auto Show


Ready or not here comes the new Acura RDX SUV. The Japanese automaker has recently announced that it plans to reveal its newly redesigned RDX SUV at the upcoming Detroit auto show. This new luxury SUV has design and interior features that were borrowed from the Acura Precision concept vehicle, industry insiders say. Acura is set to launch its new design theme with the unveiling of its new luxury SUV in Detroit on January 15 in the North American International Auto Show. And automotive enthusiasts are waiting with baited breath to see exactly what changes the innovative automaker has made.

This new vehicle is being called a prototype by Acura. However, the automotive loving public knows that Acura’s auto-show prototypes almost always are nearly identical to the company’s production models. For the uninitiated, Acura is a luxury brand produced by beloved automaker Honda. Acura’s new RDX is anticipated to go on sale beginning in 2018, although it will be listed as a 2019 model. The new Acura RDX SUV was designed and developed on U.S. soil. It’s the first of Acura’s production vehicle to use some of the design themes that was debuted in 2016 on Acura’s Precision concept automobile.

Acura’s Precision concept had several unique features. It had a prominent hexagonal grille, a set of narrow lights, a long hood, sharp creases along the doors and fenders and a sloping roof. A brief video shows that the production RDX seems to incorporate all those design elements. But they are toned down slightly to allow for easy production and to please the broad mainstream audience. The 2018 RDX has a price tag that starts at $35,800. The vehicle will competes with a number of five-seat compact luxury SUVs that include the Audi Q5, Alfa Romeo Stelvio, Mercedes GLC and BMW X3.

The new RDX will build on a new architecture that was developed by Honda exclusively for Acura. This is a major change for Acura. Historically Acura has had lots of trouble securing the corporate resources that is necessary for it to develop vehicles that enable the Acura brand to compete on equal footing with the other luxury brands in the marketplace. The new architecture Honda refers to is a set of components and structures which can be used to create several different vehicles.

The interior of the new RDX will be based on the features and looks that were showcased in 2016 in Acura’s Precision Cockpit model. The seats featured in the Precision Cockpit model were similar to the ones in Acura’s NSX exotic car. The vehicle also had a large screen that was mounted atop the dashboard and had features that were controlled using a touchpad located in the center console. If you are into technology and want to see an RDX SUV in person, you can check one out at Chapman Acura.

The Acura RDX is built by Honda in its factory in East Liberty, Ohio. Acura has sold more than 46,487 RDXs in the United States through November. That is an increase of about 0.3% from sales of the RDX in the U.S. market in 2016.

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