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Acura NSX Being Unveiled For The World to See

acura-nsx-detroit-02-750x500Acura is set to unveil the NSX supercar at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on January 12, 2015. Needless to say, the expectations of this next-gen supercar are great. The luxury brand claimed that this was its long awaited “halo vehicle” ever since the original NSX ceased production in 2005. Nonetheless, it will get back into the showrooms in the United States by the later part of 2015.

The new Acura NSX should definitely do a good job at pumping new life into the already popular brand, as well as increase sales. Through November of 2014, Acura sales in the United States increased by about 0.2%, which is equivalent to about 150,000 vehicles. Overall, the market as a whole increased by about 5.5%. During the later part of 2014, light truck/SUV sales for Acura in the United States increased by about 13%, while the company’s car popularity slipped by some degree (17.5%).

The good news is that the NSX should help bolster sales more than ever before. This new sporty experience will allow drivers to connect with the true heritage of what super car driving should be like. Acura division Senior Vice President and GM, Mike Accavatti, said in a statement that the NSX is expected to serve as the ultimate expression of what the Acura brand is capable of in regards to overall performance. Visit Chapman Acura to learn more about the launch of the NSX.

The concept model for the NSX was displayed way back in 2012 at the North American International Auto Show. The vehicle was designed at a prominent Acura styling studio located in Torrance, California (south of Los Angeles), and is expected to be produced in Marysville, Ohio at Honda’s performance manufacturing center. This vehicle definitely has a lot to offer, and it is both responsive and powerful – a potent mix for any driver.

The new 2015 NSX is going to have a V6 engine that is mid-mounted. It is going to be complemented with titanium connecting roads as well as a seven-speed transmission. The electric motor will essentially drive the vehicle’s rear wheels. Two more electric motors wil be responsible for spinning the vehicle’s front wheels. The vehicle’s braking and torque-vectoring under acceleration should help the NSX handle corners much more precisely in all types of weather conditions.

Acura’s engineers were tasked with formulating such a vehicle, and if they succeeded, we’ll be able to experience a 2015 car that will be in the prime running as one of the most popular consumer “supercars” of this decade. At this point in time, production of the vehicle is underway, and showrooms in the United States should expect to start seeing the vehicle in their facilities before the end of November, although these estimated delivery dates could change as time progresses forward. Be sure to check in at Chapman Acura for a chance to test drive the NSX when it hits the showroom.

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