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Acura MDX Sport Hybrid Offers -MPG Boost At only a slightly higher cost


Not everyone wants to drive a hybrid as they are often seen as boring and underpowered. But times have changed, and many hybrids have plenty of power and can even tow and haul all your gear. However, hybrids are still a tough sell as many don’t know that they offer such a huge advantage. But Acura is trying to change the game by only pricing its new MDX Sports Hybrid for $1,500 more than it’s equivalent gas-powered SUV with all-wheel drive. On paper, this makes the new hybrid version a great buy, especially if the price of gas rises, which is always a reality.

The hybrid version actually has more power than the gas-powered V-6, so if you are willing to invest an extra $1,500, you will probably be happy with your decision. The MDX Sport Hybrid will start at $52,935, which is for the Technology model; while the Advance model will go on sale for $58,975. With the Hybrid, you get a 3.0-liter V6 engine with three electric motors, which turns out 289-lb-ft of torque and 321 horsepower. This is a boost of 31 horsepower and 22 lb-ft of torque. However, with the extra weight, 200 lbs, the hybrid may not be much faster than the non-hybrid version.

One of the electric motors is built into the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, which is automatic. Two of the motors enable the all-wheel drive. While it sounds complicated, as a driver, the benefits are simple as you get better fuel economy and more power. They hybrid version gets 26 mpg in the city and 27 on the highway and 27 overall. This is an increase of seven mpg in the city, one on the highway and five overall. This is a huge benefit, any anyone buying the hybrid version will get the best of both worlds. While you should get the same 0-60 times and quarter mile times, you will also get better fuel economy. If you want to test drive a 2017 Acura MDX, you are sure to fall in love. You can do so at Chapman Acura. Whether you want to take long road trips or simple use the MDX Hybrid as a commuter vehicle, you are sure to love it. There is plenty of room, plenty of technology, and the SUV is as comfortable as they come.

While you will get better gas mileage, you will also get all the benefits of a luxurious SUV. The Acura MDX has the body of an SUV with the DNA of a sports car. The style was forged from the extremely popular Acura NSX, which is one of the most refined sports cars on the planet. This makes it more fun to drive, and if you take the SUV up a curvy mountain road, you won’t feel like you are in a clunky, underpowered and boring SUV. No, you will feel like you are in a high-powered sports car, and at the same time, you can easily take the whole family and all your gear.

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