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A few reasons to check out the Acura ILX


The Acura ILX is a compact luxury sedan that is the perfect choice for anyone who wants luxury without breaking the bank. Acura is aiming to attract young buyers who want to get their first taste of something with a little more power and luxury. By offering both a fun to drive car with decent gas mileage it’s easy to see why the Acura ILX gets great reviews.

Gas Mileage:

In the past, people who wanted luxury didn’t mind bad gas mileage, but times have changed quickly, and people with SUVs, cars and trucks are demanding better fuel economy. Acura is delivering, and the ILX gets an impressive 29 MPG overall. If you are driving on freeways or highways, you should be able to eek out 35 MPG, while you will get 25 MPG in the city. All in all, not bad, especially when considering that the ILX has sufficient power with its 2.4 liter inline, 201 horsepower engine, which also includes 180 feet pound of torque.


Year after year, Honda and Acura win awards for reliability, and anyone looking to buy the Acura ILX should rejoice in knowing that the name is one of the most well-liked and reliable on the planet. This alone should quell any fears and make anyone take a second, or third, look at an Acura ILX. This should also make any happy as the resell value of most Acura’s are superior to other automobiles in the industry. Simply put, anyone buying the Acura name knows that they will be able to enjoy it for years without having to worry about breakdowns or the car falling apart.


Acura has a lot of new technology on its hands, and the company is constantly pushing the limits and going out of its way to build the perfect vehicle, with all the necessary technology to make driving easier, safer and more fun. The standard features are enough to please nearly any buyer, and they include an 8-speed dual clutch transmission, Jewel Eye LED headlights, smart entry and Bluetooth. But, for a small investment, buyers can get Collision Mitigation Braking System, Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keeping Assist System. Of course, it’s not all about safety. With a premium audio system, on-demand multi-use display and seven speakers, drivers and passengers alike will be comfortable and happy when in an Acura ILX.

More fun to drive than it looks:

While there are certainly other entry-level luxury cars with more power, the Acura ILX is fun to drive. Not only does it have a more than adequate 201 horsepower engine, but the Acura ILX was designed for fun driving. Whether going down the freeway, taking it on a two-lane highway or driving along the coast, the Acura ILX is fun to drive, all while offering plenty of comfort to passengers. To see how comfortable it is, check one out at Chapman Acura.

While there are more expensive entry-level luxury cars on the market, that doesn’t mean you should waste your money. No, the Acura ILX offers power, luxury, safety and plenty of technology to toy around with. If you want to see for yourself, head on down to Chapman Acura and get behind the wheel.

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