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If you are looking for a crossover SUV, you know that you have plenty of options. Buyers are scooping up crossovers as they love the versatility and ease of driving them, and they are comfortable too. While the field is crowded, one name that stands out is the Acura MDX. Here are a few reasons why you should strongly consider buying one.

First and foremost, if you are buying an SUV, gas mileage is probably not high up on things you are worrying about. While true, you don’t have to worry too much about wasting gas as it gets 19 MPG in the city and 27 on the highway. If you use cruise control and avoid sudden accelerations, you can get nearly 30 MPG on the freeway, which is great for this size SUV.

Cars, trucks and SUVs are safer than they have ever been, and Acura is on the forefront of many new safety features. If you want to drive down the road with your family and not worry, you are in luck with the MDX. The three row SUV earned the highest, and highly coveted, five-star overall rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. With AcuraWatch™ technology, drivers can stay on top of things and respond to any situation quickly.

There are plenty of underpowered SUVs that leave drivers wanting more, but you don’t have to worry as the MDX won’t have any of that. With a 290 horsepower, 3.5 liter V-6 engine, you aren’t going to feel like you are driving an underpowered and boring SUV. This doesn’t mean that you can fly down the road like you had a sports car, but with a 0-60 time of under seven seconds, you can get around with ease. But, it’s one thing to read about power, and it’s another thing to feel it. For this reason, head down to Chapman Acura to test drive one.

While you may like good gas mileage and lots of power, if you aren’t comfortable in your vehicle, it’s hard to enjoy it. Again, the Acura MDX has you covered. With three rows of luxury seats, you can fit up to eight people, comfortably. Adults over six-feet tall may want to stick to the front seats or the first two rows, but it’s more comfortable than most larger cars and SUVs, and it’s a big reason why anyone who loves taking the family on a road trip should consider the MDX.

There are a lot of choices out there for SUVs, and if you want a crossover, you know the market is crowded. But, if you want reliability and cutting-edge tech, the Acura MDX is a solid choice. For three decades now, Acura has made affordable and reliable cars and SUVs, and they have only improved. If you are looking for something that you can rely on for years to come, you won’t regret getting an Acura MDX.

With many options in the crossover market, you may not be able to research everything. But, luckily, the Acura MDX offers it all – luxury, style, power and reliability, all at a decent price. If you are considering a crossover, take a long and hard look at the Acura MDX.

Acura TLX is shaking up the luxury market

Acura TLX


The Acura TLX is making its mark in the luxury automobile market. It has made luxury sedans affordable for many more people and is helping to burnish Acura’s reputation as a premier automobile manufacturer. The TLX is a roomy, quiet, luxury sedan with lots of excellent features. The 2017 Acura TLX sedan is equipped with a V6 engine, all-wheel drive, generous rear seat legroom and adequate trunk space. Plus it has ample in-cabin storage. All of that yet it’s priced less than the German luxury automobiles with which it competes. The Acura TLX is shaking up the luxury automobile market.

Like many other luxury automobiles, the Acura TLX is loaded with technology. In fact, when it comes to entry-level luxury cars, it’s among the best equipped. Add its superior interior features, great fuel economy and its comfortable interior and it’s easy to understand why this car is changing the luxury car segment. When you look under the hood, you will really be impressed. Other cars may have a V6 ZF-sourced 9-speed automatic transmission, but the TLX does it better. Whether you get one with the 201 horsepower 2.4 liter 4 cylinder or the 290 horsepower V6 3.5 liter direct injection engine, it’s paired with a torque converter that makes shifting gears so smooth it’s almost imperceptible. It’s another level of luxury. To see how smooth the TLX is, check one out for yourself at Chapman Acura.

The TLX is primarily a front-wheel drive machine that utilizes Acura’s unique P-AWS electric rear steering system to create breathtaking agility, stability and handling even under braking. The V6 Acura TLX offers a SH-AWD all-wheel-drive option combined with a smaller differential that’s more efficient and can deliver as much as 885 pounds per foot of torque vectoring through the rear axle. It’s an astonishingly good system. One that puts power to the road and provides assistance with cornering. Few if any automobiles, luxury or not, have a better all-wheel drive system.

The quality of the ride people experience when they slide inside the Acura TLX is another way it’s transforming the luxury car market. The reason for this is the car’s superb strut-type suspension, which provides perfectly controlled body motions and an extraordinarily comfortable experience for both driver and passenger on even the roughest roads. The bumps are well-damped, and with its active noise cancellation technology and the body’s expanding-foam insulation, wind and road noise are hushed. The ride is so smooth it gives the TLX the feel of a much more expensive luxury automobile. So in essence this affordable Acura gives you more luxury for less money.

An amazingly quiet cabin, comfortable seating for five adults, an elegant yet understated interior, a fantastic sounding entertainment system, Bluetooth, navigation and all the latest communication and connectivity technology combined with industry-leading safety features all add up to make the Acura TLX a very attractive choice for people looking for a quality luxury automobile the average person can afford. Acura has made yet another great car. One that dramatically changes the luxury car segment of the automotive marketplace.

Quick look at the 2017 Acura ILX



Acura claims that the ILX redefines what it is like to drive a sedan. This sporty compact sedan is fun to drive and not too expensive. The claims are pretty big, but if you ever get the chance to test drive a 2017 Acura ILX, you are sure to agree with the sentiments put forth by Acura. In 2012, Acura released this car to much fanfare, though some thought it was just a Civic with a different label. While the Honda Civic is a great car, this is more refined, and better.

The car, is, in fact, based on the older Civic platform, which should sooth anyone’s fears as the Civic is popular, and it’s a solid car. The 2017 uses a new suspension system, so it feels capable as ever, and with a starting price of under 28k, a buyer can get behind the wheel of this high-end car without breaking the bank. While a lot has been left untouched, which makes sense when you consider how great of a car it is, there are still some changes that should get any Acura fan excited, though the changes are minor.

The most significant and noticeable changes comes in the form of new color options for the exterior. The new options are Lunar Silver Metallic, San Marino Red and Modern Steel Metallic. While this sedan has barely changed, if you want to know why, you must know that the ILX is good enough that no large changes were needed. Simply put, there was no reason to rock the boat, and you can see for yourself by checking out an ILX at Chapman Acura.

One thing that makes the ILX better than a boring sedan is its eight-speed transmission and 2.4 liter horsepower, 201 horsepower engine. Drivers who want power and decent fuel economy should not worry as this fun and sporty car gets nearly 30 MPG combined. With a bold, sporty appearance, we can see why sports car lovers have no problems getting behind the wheel of an Acura ILX.

There are a few options for the ILX, which make the driving experience that much better. Drivers who value safety, though the car has a host of safety features, will love the AcuraWatch Plus Package as it offers a suite of features to help avoid accidents. Fans of tech will love the Technology Plus Package, where owners are treated to sophisticated audio and navigation options. Finally, with the Premium Package and A-Spec Package, owners will enjoy a more refined style, both inside and outside of the vehicle. Simply put, the great thing about the Acura ILX is that there is something for everyone, and whether you want a more luxurious and refined experience or a more sporty car, Acura does not leave potential buyers hanging.

While Acura is not going out of its way to make the ILX much different, the company has reason. There were a few subtle changes that are hardly noticeable, but anyone who wants a well-priced sports car with all the extras must consider the 2017 Acura ILX.

2017 Acura TLX


The Acura TLX is a beloved, mid-sized luxury sedan that has been around for only a few years, though it is getting a lot of attention as people love the luxury, style and relatively low price for such a nice car. While people love the luxury and tech, along with reliability, there is another reason people love the TLX. It is a safe vehicle that is only getting safer.

The highest crash rating a vehicle can earn is a five-star one, and the 2017 Acura TLX earned that. Yes, the vehicle received a five-star rating for rollover, front and side crashes. This rating applies to both all-wheel and front-wheel drive options of the 2017 TLX. The reason it did so well is not a surprise to Acura as the company, for a long time, has made safety a top priority for its vehicles.

With standard safety equipment such as vehicle stability control, seven airbags, including a driver’s knee airbag, anti lock brakes and traction control, it is very easy to see why the TLX did so well. To make it even safer, you should invest in forward collision warning and road departure mitigation. That way, with this one-two punch of safety, you are less likely to end up in an accident. Either way, drivers can get behind the wheel of a TLX and feel safe, which should be most people’s number one priority. While safety is not sexy or exciting, it’s important. If you want to see the luxury and style that the TLX offers, test drive one out at Chapman Acura

Now, anyone who wants to buy any vehicle should know how much safety matters. While you can look at a number or number of stars and get an idea, you should know the reality. When a car has a high rating, it doesn’t only mean you are likely to avoid death in a major accident, but with standard equipment like seven airbags and well-designed crumple zones, you can walk away from an accident with zero injuries. Of course, that is not guaranteed, but vehicles of today like the 2017 Acura TLX allow people to walk away unharmed, which is a big change from not too long ago, where people would end up with debilitating injuries.

Furthermore, it is hard to have statistics on accidents avoided. Because, the reality is, an accident is a dangerous thing, and even if you walk away from it without a single scratch, it is no fun. With vehicle stability control standard, you can avoid hairy situations in the first place. Then, with a small investment in your safety, you can get forward collision warning and road departure mitigation. These two safety features will help you avoid accidents related to overreacting or falling asleep at the wheel. Simply put, prevention is the best medicine, and if you want to avoid accidents, you will do so with the right equipment, which is provided by Acura in the 2017 TLX.

Safety must be everyone’s top priority. Acura sure knows this, and that is why it continues to produce cars that exceed industry standards. Plus, if you buy an Acura TLX, you will get a host of other great features, so you certainly don’t have to buy it only for its five-star rating.

Acura Adds Standard Equipment for 2017 MDX

2017 Acura MDX


The 2017 Acura MDX is already a well loved and popular SUV that should only get better as Acura rarely slips. For this reason, if you are a fan of Acura and love its MDX, you should get excited for 2017 as the company plans to add standard equipment for the 2017 version.

To get the bad out of the way, the company has increased the price of the 2017 model. While true, it has only gone up to $44,890, including destination. This is a slight increase of $935, when compared to the old model. However, when looking at inflation and other models from other manufacturers, you can see that this is a modest increase, and when you consider what is included, you will have no trouble justifying the small jump in price.

For the 2017 model, Acura has done more than enough to make any potential buyers happy as there are some substantial upgrades, including with the styling, which features a new face with the Diamond Pentagon grill. With a more sculptured hood, front fenders and revised headlights, you are going to love the outside of the MDX. If you want to see for yourself, you can test drive an MDX or any other car or SUV at Chapman Acura. You are sure to see how refined the SUV is.

The 2017 Acura MDX sports a very powerful and more than adequate 3.5 liter V6 engine that offers 290 horses and 267 lb-ft of torque. The engine is more than adequate for day-to-day driving, and it offers 20 miles per gallon in the city and 27 on the highway, assuming you get the front-wheel drive and Idle Stop. With the unique Super Handling All-Wheel, SH-AWD and Idle Stop, the MDX will net around 19 in the city and 27 on the highway, which should result in 22 mpg combined. All around, when looking at the size, power and accessories, you can see that Acura offers great fuel economy.

With time comes more technology, and Acura is on it with the 2017 MDX. This includes an Electric Parking Brake and an Automatic Brake Hold. Also included are four 2.5-amp USB charging ports, SiriusXM radio 2.0, Auto High Beam headlights and a capless fuel filter. While these add-ons may not seem life-changing, they will certainly make the SUV more drivable, and passengers are sure to appreciate the luxury and technology.

The thing about the Acura MDX, or most Acura cars and SUVs, is that it already provides so much. While the 2017 MDX is a great model, this doesn’t mean that older ones were not adequate. In fact, the truth is, while there is an improvement, the company is improving on near-perfection. Whether you are talking about the comfort, power or tech, you can see that old models of the MDX were pretty solid. Either way, if you are in the market for a new SUV, you owe it to yourself to consider the 2017 Acura MDX. Once you get behind the wheel and test out the electronics, you are sure to fall in love. Not to mention, it’s comfy and powerful. 


Another Step on Road to Self-driving Cars

With the creation of its second generation of automated test vehicles in California, Acura is well on the way to solving the technological problems that stand as a road block to self-driving cars. The modified Acura RLX Sport Hybrid is outfitted with a complete set of radar, cameras, GPS sensors and Lidar to go along with a powerful computer and heat handling equipment. The hardware is host to a new, intelligent software package that allows Acura engineers to solve more complicated testing problems. When you finally do pick up that self-driving car at Chapman Acura, it will partly be because of technology mastered and issues solved with this test vehicle.

Sensor Fusion Key to Autonomous Driving

Think about all the data you input into your brain on your daily drive. You not only have to know where you’re going and how to get there, but you also have to deal with a number of obstacles and issues, including traffic, pedestrians, stop lights, emergency vehicles and road obstructions. To design a vehicle that can automatically deal with all those issues and more is quite a task. That’s why the new development vehicle uses a system of overlapping information from various sensors, known as “sensor fusion.” By using multiple data points for the same information, engineers can increase the reliability that the data is valid. For example, if five sensors say a duck is walking across the road, chances are it’s a duck and not a steamroller. The sensor fusion technology is the same system used by the AcuraWatch driver assistance safety features, available on all 2016 vehicles.

Testing Accomplished in Realistic Environment

GoMentum Station is a 5,000-acre test site in northern California that has more than 20 miles of paved roads, including traffic grids, buildings and other points of interest and obstacles one would find in an urban environment. By testing the development vehicles in this life-like scenario, Acura is shooting for having its first automatic driving vehicle for sale at dealerships such as Chapman Acura by 2020. Self-driving vehicles are one way to reduce traffic congestion in urban areas along with cutting the number of collisions between vehicles. By talking to one another, self-driving cars will be able to weave through traffic seamlessly, keeping the parade of vehicles moving during rush hour.

Safety Features Test Autonomous Technology

The AcuraWatch suite of sensor-based driver assistance features are testing technology right now on our nation’s highways in development vehicles such as the Acura RLX. Adaptive cruise control maintains a safe distance between yourself and the car in front of you, applying the brakes if necessary to avoid a collision. Road departure mitigation and collision mitigation braking similarly give you an audible warning, but then take over if you fail to react.

When looking at the Acura NSX, we can see that it is a powerful sports car that is at the top of its game. But, if you are thinking about a high-end sports car such as this one, you probably didn’t realize that Acura is working on an electric car, which will compete at Pikes Peak. This is pretty impressive considering the hill is not an easy climb for gas-powered cars.

If you are not a sports car buff, you may not know about the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. It is important as car manufacturers can show off the power of the most recent cars built. It is hosted every year in Colorado and has been since 1916. The track measures nearly 12.5 miles, and it features over 156 turns. The climb is an impressive 4,720 feet on grades averaging 7.2 percent. The race is truly a test of the driver and the car, and it features plenty of cars, trucks, quads and motorcycles. On average, the race has about 130 competitors, and it is growing in popularity every year. In 2012, electric cars joined the fray, and Acura is getting in on the action. If you want to check out a hybrid or any other Acura, you can at your local Chapman Acura.

Acura is going to show off two 2017 NSX hybrids to run up the peak. But, while hybrids are well-loved and have been for years, the great thing is that Acura is bringing a third NSX to the competition – an all-electric version. The electric vehicle is not an NSX per se, but it has a new NSX-inspired, purely electric 4-motor SH-AWD. This was first announced back in March, and it was announced that the EV will run in the Electric Modified Class.

While in the past it would have been easy to be a bit cynical about an electric car, especially in a race, things have changed, and quickly. In fact, when racing up the mountain, electric cars have an advantage as electric vehicles don’t lose power when the air thins out with the elevation. The prototype is based on a four-motor Honda CR-Z-based vehicle the company took up the mountain last year. The driver of the pure-electric car will Be Tetsuya Yamano, who won the Challenge Exhibition class in that vehicle.

Acura isn’t exactly revealing much in the way of specs for its latest sports car experiment. Acura has said that it will have four motors and the all-electric NSX will be more than three times powerful than last year’s CR-Z, which is quite impressive considering the jump in power. The company is not in the race just to show off and have fun; the motors were developed based on data it obtained from Pikes Peak 2015. With this information, Acura didn’t just make a bigger motor. No, the company changed the control torque applied to each wheel, which gives the car a huge advantage when taking on hairpin turn after hairpin turn on the way to the over 14,000 foot summit. To get your own car that can climb any summit, come on down to a Tucson Acura dealership and get behind the wheel of one. 








Acura makes some amazing cars, and one of the best sports cars on the planet is also created by Acura. The NSX, while not exactly affordable for everyone, is a truly amazing car that impresses anyone who gets behind the wheel of one. It is much more popular and loved than almost every other sports car, all while being more affordable than the rest of the high-end sports cars. With this in mind, Acura has spent a lot of money in research and development, and the Aerodynamics are something that Acura is constantly improving.

The 2017 Acura NSX is one of the top sports cars on the planet, and it has a solid engine, great design and impeccable interior. On top of that, the aerodynamics are something to get excited over. With solid aerodynamics, the car takes on twists and turns with ease, and drivers get the most out of this truly perfect sports car. In fact, when compared to other high-end sports car, it is easy to see that the Acura NSX is on top of the rest as it has a near 50-50 weight distribution. For this reason, if you are interested in a sports car, you should take one for a test drive at your local Chapman Acura. Or, if the NSX is out of your price range, you should take another Acura for a spin.

The Japanese automaker used a concept called “Total Airflow Management” on the 2017 Acura NSX. With wind tunnels and computational fluid dynamics in the United States and Japan, the manufacturer was able to create maximum downforce, all while minimizing drag.

Outside of the industry, not many have heard of Thomas Ramsay, whose job is to improve the aerodynamics at Honda, which is the parent company of Acura. In fact, Thomas Ramsay is an aerodynamicist, and his sole purpose is to make cars more aerodynamic. Mr. Ramsay, along with his team, used computational fluid dynamic simulations. With the testing of 40 percent scale models at its wind tunnel facility in Ohio, the team was able to optimize the intricate body shapes.

There is no wasted space on the exterior of the NSX as it all serves a function. Whether you are looking at the intake grilles or the exhaust vents, you will see aerodynamics at work. With this setup, it creates a downforce, which maximizes cooling and dissipates unwanted heat. The development team, interestingly, discovered that when they generated three times as much downforce (at the rear relative to the front of the vehicle, it would offer the best performance in both day-to-day and high-performance driving. This gives the driver the best driving experience, all while not taking away from anything. This means that whether you want to drive this car to work or take it to the track, you will get the best experience, every time.

The Acura NSX is a great car, and it is only getting better with every release and every year. With the ever-improving aerodynamics, this sports car should get faster on the track and easier to drive on the freeway or highway.

First NSX Supercar Comes Off the Line

From left, Rick Hendrick, owner of Hendrick Motorsports and Hendrick Automotive Group, takes delivery of 2017 Acura NSX, VIN 001, from Acura NSX Engineering Large Project Leader Clement D'Souza.

Number 001 Earns $1.2 Million for Charity

When Rick Hendrick bid $1.2 million to take delivery of the first Acura NSX Supercar off the line at Ohio’s Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC), the real winners were two children’s charity. The $1.2 million bid goes to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and Camp Southern Ground, a place where children can overcome social, emotional and academic difficulties. “Today marks the realization of a big dream here at the PMC and the culmination of more than 30 years of manufacturing experience and expertise here in Ohio,” according to NSX project manager Clement D’Souza. “Our world class team of expert technicians, through their passion has realized major innovations in the design and manufacturing of a next-generation Acura supercar that truly delivers incredible precision crafted performance.” Check in with Chapman Acura to see when the first NSX will hit the showroom floor.

PMC Built to Combine Craftsmanship and Technology

The NSX is only going to be built at the PMC, taking advantage of a manufacturing plant design that blends the finest human craftsmanship with the most modern technology. PMC engineers and technicians have worked tirelessly to create new ways of manufacturing a vehicle that will produce one of the finest supercars to ever hit the road. While many of the methods require a deft craftsman’s touch, the assembly line is also stacked with robotic technology that performs different tasks in the final construction of the vehicle. Drawing from Acura’s extensive race experience, the NSX goes through a stringent performance testing evaluation before being released for sale.

Hendrick Motorsports Creates Special Moment

Although the Acura NSX starts at only $156,000, Hendrick said he was happy to be a part of such a significant event and write a check for more than $1 million. “Taking delivery of this first new Acura supercar and knowing the proceeds will benefit two remarkable organizations for children makes this a very special moment for me and everyone on our team,” the owner of Hendrick Motorsports said. “It’s especially rewarding to see this incredible supercar coming to life in the United States, which is a real testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and manufacturing here.”

NSX Breaks the Mold on Sports Cars

From its hand-assembled gas engine to the hybrid super handling all-wheel drive powertrain, the NSX is breaking the mold on sports car technology. With a cockpit built for racing and comfort, modern aerodynamics and a selection of driving modes depending on your mood and road conditions, the NSX is the next big thing on the road. See it and take a test drive at Chapman Acura.

We are creeping faster and faster towards a driverless future, and companies such as Google, among with trucking companies, are getting involved. What seemed like a dream even 20 years ago is becoming a reality. Major brands are now in the fray, and it is only a matter of time before we see every car on the road without a driver. Acura, like many other major players in the industry, is on top of things, and it has just introduced a sleeker self-driving test car.

Recently, Acura introduced its second generation Automated Acura RLX Development vehicle. This is an updated version with improved sensors and a more pleasing aesthetic, which is missing from plenty of autonomous vehicles. In the past, there was the bulky LIDAR system, which has now been replaced with a more compact and robust version of the light detection and ranging tech. It also enjoys an updated RADAR, GPS, camera, GPUs and CPUs. In addition, Acura is claiming that is has a more intelligent software and algorithm, which will support more complex testing scenarios, which will make any autonomous vehicles in the future that much more reliable and efficient. While there is nothing available now, Acura has a lot of great cars available, and you should test drive one at Chapman Acura.

This isn’t something that has happened overnight. No, in fact, Acura, and its parent company Honda, have been working on self-driving cars for some time in its GoMentum Station in the Bay Area. The company has been at in since last year, starting with a specially outfitted RLX. The company has not been too forthcoming as works in progress often take a while to develop. While true, Acura is not going to let others pass it by, and it is obvious that big things are coming for driverless vehicles.

Currently, most manufacturers have plans to make an autonomous vehicle, and there are plenty of prototypes and cars available to check out. However, what sets Acura above the others is that the company makes comfortable, luxurious and aesthetically-pleasing cars, which should make any potential buyer smile as it is not that fun to have an ugly, boxy and bulky car. Not only that, as times change and technologies improve, you can bet that Acura will be on top of things as the company has allays been one that tests the limits and make better vehicles for its drivers.

While there is a lot to get excited about, you can’t run out and buy one of these vehicles. In fact, it may be another few years, or up to a decade, until you can get a self-driving car. Only a couple of states allow them, and this is generally for testing purposes. As times change, it should be easier to get one, and that time may come sooner rather than later as trucking companies and even Google are in the mix.

If you love Acura, you are sure to love just about any of its offerings. And, while you may not be able to get a self-driving car, you should have no trouble finding a luxurious and fun to drive model that you will love to the fullest.